The past year has been quite busy for me!  I spent the time being pregnant and applying to medical school.  My son, my second child, was born this past April, and I got accepted to medical school at the University of Minnesota.

Despite all this craziness, I am still working on Book I.  I matriculate August 4th, 2014 so I HAVE to get this first book out by then.  I honestly don’t know how J. K. Rowling did it.  Single mom with children and she had time to write.  I am lucky to get 10 minutes to do anything around my home because I have an infant and a toddler (read: tornado).  Now thanks to the some vibrating and rockable hammock contraption, I can put my son down and he sleeps!!!

The words are flowing now like water and I will have Book I out by August of this year.

Thank you for visiting!



B. H. Gorden


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