Happy 2015!

Well its a new year and the end of my 2 weeks off from school.  I have been working with an editor and working furiously on Book 1.  I have been sidetracked (often) by ideas for Book 3 and Book 4.  I ever drew a map for the main continent where Book 4 will take place.  It is good to know at least that once I type in these edits, the first 4 chapters are ready to be published.  The main issues are what I predicted.  Keeping the book consistent with the 3 new chapters I added onto the beginning.  That and getting rid of wordiness, etc.

I just HAVE to set aside time to work on this throughout the semester.  They say the first semester of medical school is the hardest, so, now that that is over, maybe I can carve out a few hours on the weekends to edit.  I am tired of putting Book 1 off, but, I do need to pass first year of medical school!!!


B. H. Gorden

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