Working Hard!!!

Well, for the past few weeks I have dedicated Fridays evenings to my books.  NO STUDYING allowed.  I sort of violated that new rule by working on Physiology last Friday, but I made up for it by doing 3-4 hrs weaving new plot lines into Book 2 and Book 3 AND even starting to flesh out Book 4.  I know I know it’s odd…I should focus focus on Book 1..but, I do not want to magically invent people and plot lines like some authors.  I would like to have established people and places, well-developed motivations, etc. that I can revisit in later books.  Things will feel NATURAL and not FORCED.

So I am sooooo excited about a new development.  My editor is the best ever.  I am itching to tell the story with this new development.  Weaving my main character around this new plot line really blows my mind.  It helps her develop as well.

So, this week I am studying Microbiology and also working on my book each day/evening.

Thanks for your interest and seriously, the books will be released!  It will be worth it because I am putting my entire being into these stories (well the part I don’t need to raise my children, do medical school with).

B. H. Gorden

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