Surviving Medical School While Trying to Write!

What a day.

Today I took a NeuroAnatomy and Neuroscience test and I survived.  It was hard to say bye-bye to my usual Friday afternoon/evening writing time.  My advice to writers: WRITE DAILY or at least weekly.   😉  Make writing an appointment with yourself and don’t cancel (like I did).

My writing goals for this week are to finish Chapter 7 .  I have 2 more scenes to write.  I added 2 new chapters (7 & 8) to the middle of the book so I have created lots of work for myself.  The book has 13 Chapters total.  By May 10th, I would like to have Chapter 8 done.  Why does this take so long?  I need time for readings, rewrites, editing, more readings and more rewrites plus time to study for my FINAL EXAMS (yikes!) the last week of April.

If only there were 40 hours in the day.  Seriously, I need them.  All of them.  All 40.

Okay, I have procrastinated enough.  Off to study for my test next Monday.  I kind of wish I was writing instead.  🙂

Don’t forget to catch Sample Chapters 1 & 2 here:The Age of the Phoenix_Chapters 1 & 2_BHGorden_v1

Thanks for your interest!

B. H. Gorden

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