Fried Brains Anyone?

Well after 8+ hours of studying in the basement at school on Saturday and now Sunday my brain is fried.  It is embarrassing how much I need to study Physiology to get the “grades” that I want.  There’s no guarantee that I will even land in between my target range either.  It is just so important to me to understand this stuff well.

Time to race home and figure out dinner.  Then, 3 more hours of study and then hopefully some writing.   Scenes from Book 2 have been playing out these past few days.  I am hankering to write some stuff down.  Thank goodness Book 2 is pretty much done (147,000 words) and all I am doing is tacking on a chapter to the beginning.

It seems that I’ve given up on sleep altogether!

I hope you are enjoying the sample Chapters 1 & 2: The Age of the Phoenix_Chapters 1 & 2_BHGorden_v1.  Three will be out in no time!

B. H. Gorden

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