Med School Finals and Chapter 3!

Well I survived that Physiology exam last Monday.  This week we have a billion new lectures it seems (some review ones).  Final exams are next week and I have no idea how I am going to survive!  Being in clinic yesterday was a nice break from the studying, but I am wondering how NOT to take the emotion of it home.  When people are sick and hurting, it almost crushes me because I want to cure them and I don’t want people suffering.  Life should be good to people!  Everyone deserves good health.


I am going to get Chapter 3 released this week.  After finals, I have a week “off” to work on edits for the rest of the book.  Minor rewrites, word changes, a few scenes to insert, etc.  I can’t believe the first draft was done in November 2004, and here almost 11 years later I am finally (hopefully) doing this story justice.

I hope you are enjoying Chapters 1 & 2: The Age of the Phoenix_Chapters 1 & 2_BHGorden_v1

Thanks for your interest!

B. H. Gorden

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