My Writing & Editing Extravaganza Before Summer Semester Begins!

Hey everyone,

Well I survived Spring semester finals! I’m done with Microbiology/Immunology, Neuroscience/Neuroanatomy and Physiology (CV/Resp/GI/Renal)!  Those 2nd and 3rd order questions were crazy.  Now I understand why my school’s Step 1 scores are consistently above the national average: they teach to the boards.  I only hope to be above the average too.

Now, I have a 7 day “vacation” where we still have work.  Our Pharmacology professor recommends we start learning the drugs now.  There are only 78 so it’s not that bad.  I figured it would be ~200.  We also have more online modules and stuff to complete.  Gotta love medical school.  When you have too much to do, they give you more and then they give you more, and then more! 🙂

I am currently editing away trying to get Age of the Phoenix Book 1: Nalya and the Phoenix Egg ready sometime this Summer.  If you are interested, catch Sample Chapters 1-3 here (The Age of the Phoenix_Chapters 1-3_BHGorden_v1) and on the Book 1 tab (above).  A pdf file will open in your browser window.  Comments are always welcome via this website, my author email ( or my Facebook page:

Thank you for your interest! 🙂

B. H. Gorden

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