Found a Cover Artist & Chapter 4 Update

Well good news and a little not-so-good news.  I have found a professional artist willing to work with me on this Age of the Phoenix project.  She is going to be making the cover for Book 1 and hopefully in the future she will do some concept art and the cover for Book 2 (for release at the end of 2016 tentatively).  I am very excited and feel very honored that she has agreed to take on this new creative venture!

That was the good news…

Not-so-good news is that the release of Chapter 4 is delayed yet again due to my Medical School giving us 3 quizzes, 1 mid-term,  and 1 final to do this weekend.  I finished one quiz due yesterday so that is good.  I really need to buckle down on this so I pass this 3rd semester of 1st year.

Will Summer vacation ever come?  I just want to work on my books!!!


B. H. Gorden

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