Free to write and edit!

First year medical school is done.  I am not going to lie, it almost killed me.  Seriously.  I was dealing with a lot of medical issues (some directly related to school) and some unrelated.   I am very blessed that I have come out relatively unscathed.  I have a renewed respect for any man or woman who has survived medical school and become a physician.  No one does this for fun, seriously.  The training is grueling and often feels like hazing.  I think it could be done in 5 years in a more healthy manner, but I am not in charge of medical education and that is fine. 🙂

Now I can finish this Age of the Phoenix project!  Today I am finishing edits on Chapter 4 so that it can be released by midnight tonight.  A Summer 2015 release for Book 1 is still planned.

Thanks for standing by during this process and thank you for reading!

B. H. Gorden

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