Cover designs and writing update!

The cover artist for Age of the Phoenix sent me the most awesome proof of Book 1 the other day (Thursday I believe).  It is phenomenal.  I spent a long time Thursday and Friday evening adding fonts and playing around with positioning.  The fonts package I purchased from Adobe looks great on this test cover.  I am not showing it, of course, for obvious reasons.  🙂  I am excited to see what her next proof will look like.

I have also polished Chapter 9.  I know I say it all the time, but, editing/rewriting forward in a book is maddening!   I love it, but it sure takes time away from the usual more important real life stuff.  I am still very excited and invested in this project and will see it through.  I have been working on this book series since November 20, 2002.  It’s kind of too late to stop now!

I am hoping to get some concept art too if I can scrape together some $$$.  I would like to spruce up the website and Facebook page.   I have also figured out how to format and put the interior and cover together so that when it is done, officially, I can  upload it right away and click submit, so to speak.  I have decided to publish it in print form first via Createspace (an Amazon company).  This is because I would like my map in the interior and publishing straight to ebook doesn’t allow that.  I would rather have the print book fitted and prepared properly and made into an ebook.

Back to editing! 🙂

B.H. Gorden

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