2016 is almost over….whaaaat?!?!?

Update: Well, it’s been a long time! Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I have been working my butt off in med school. I passed the first step of my medical licensing boards, and started my clinical training.

But…yes, I have been working on my writing! Chapters 1-10 are edited and ready to publish. I have also rewritten Chapters 11 & 12, and edited Chapter 13 extensively!!! One thing that I did not expect to happen happened.   Book 1 took an interesting turn that will be reflected in my later stories. I am very excited by this new development. I have also been spending lots of time finally writing down (read: typing) histories of the people and places of Aemphalis, and filling in flora and fauna details. Things are really coming alive!

I obviously am horrible at deadlines (understatement of the century), so, I will not be posting a release date for a while. Trying the become a doctor, be a good mom and wife, and pursue my interests takes so much. I guess I am destined to just be unpredictable.

Age of the Phoenix is worth it.


Thanks for your support and continued interest!!!

B. H. Gorden

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