I have been writing short stories for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I wrote stories with myself and my best friend as the main characters.  We flew across the stars, vanquished evil, and always made it safely home by the end.

In high-school I was inspired by an amazing English teacher, Mr. Z, who nurtured my talents and encouraged me.  I created Nalya (then called Gigi).  Her first adventure involved stealing an apple pie from a window sill and then slaying a dragon (admittedly not the best adventure…).

Once I entered college, my writing paused for many years until 2002 when I found myself alone in Oahu, Hawaii.  Being in Waikiki listening to the surf, feeling the salty air on my skin, inhaling the fruity and fresh scents inspired me.  One day after I had returned from vacation, I was day-dreaming at a bus stop in Atlanta, Georgia.  When I came to (fortunately before I missed my bus), I whipped out a notebook and drew an island, filled it with lands, forests, rivers…the land of Aemphalis was born.

I have spent the past 15+ years developing and writing about this world.  I look forward to sharing Age of the Phoenix with the world!