Book 1 Update…

I am pleased to announce that I HAVE A COVER!  I am so pleased with the collaboration  I have going with the Age of the Phoenix cover artist.  I am hoping to have some concept art done by her as well.  I have been doing extensive research over the past 4 days in order to aid in making Chapter 10 (where I am now in the editing process) more authentic and true to the “times.”  I use that term loosely because my book does not take place in any particular time, but rather is a mesh of late medieval England/France/Spain in some areas.

I am also having some concept art done later this Fall.  It will be used to revamp this website and also its release may coincide with the release of Book 1.  I didn’t realize that publishing a book took weeks and weeks even after it was done being written.  The things I want to get done in the next couple of months: author photo, art for website, ink version of my map for the interior, interior design of the body of the book, and of course, finish editing the last 3 chapters.  The last 3 chapters are like the last 3 pounds to lose on a diet…no matter how much work you put in, they will fall off when they are ready.  I have pushed and pushed to do these rewrites and edits, but they only happen when all conditions are perfect.

Here’s some cooky insight into a writer’s mind…or of just my mind.  I know editing is going well because I am dreaming of the book consistently.  Dreaming of the future books.  It’s pretty weird, but also inspiring.

In other news, medical school starts up again in 2 weeks…make that 1 week and 6 days.  Well, technically less since I have to preview lectures and read the weekend beforehand.  I am beyond excited to start again, mainly because I believe I have found my calling in terms of specialty. 🙂

B. H. Gorden

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